Taweez / Synopsis

What is the story about?

It's about a talisman writer in a little afghan village who makes a living with mystic prophecies and voodoo prayers.

One day a young women comes to the village and aks the Mullah Dadullah for a prayer. She wants her parents to allow her to marry her beloved. It turns out her wish comes true after a few days. At the same time the other man, who was chosen as husband by her parents, dies of heart failure. The people of the village claim it was the mullah. So now, after mocking the magic mullah the whole time, they start to respect him or even fear his powers.

Meanwhile a boy called Isa tries to help the mullah. He is blinded by passion of Dadullahs mystic skills and wants to be like him one day. Eventually the mullah starts seeing Isa as a son and trusts him. Isa remains with the talisman writer, even as he sees the village people trying to exclude the mullah from the village. They are scared of him and line up in front of his cottage with their torches...

Our goal is to tell the story of a lonely old man who already gave up hope to receive acknowledgement in life. But after rumors spread in the little afghan village, people elevate him to a messiah. There is also a disillusioned boy called Isa who sees a father figure in the old talisman writer and sees an opportunity for a new perspective in his life.

In the little afghan village respect equals power and that is so compelling for people with lack of persepctives. The old man is enticed by this opportunity.

We want to adapt the big political and religious conflicts in our society and set them into small scale: in a little village in Afghanistan.